You want to know more about me ? 

I don't know where to start! But Let's see...

Maybe you wish to know why I'm a wedding photographer ?

Like many others wedding photographers, it all began with... a friend's wedding.

M & T asked me to be their photographers. I won't lie to you, at first I hated the idea. At that time, weddings were synonym of cheesy and unartistic pictures for me. Oh boy, how I was wrong ! 

Out of the idea of discovering a new domain of photography, and the will to please my friends, I accepted. 

The day finally came, and under the pressure to make a good work here I was, shooting my friends love and joy.

The big realization struck me some days after, when I started to work on the pictures. It came upon me that watching all the day on my photos, I was overwhelmed by its emotions. At some point, some tears even rolled under my eyes. What a big surprise for me ! At this point, I knew I wanted to relive this, again and again, that feeling these emotions would be like a drug to me. As a child of divorced parents, with a lot of pain associated to this event, I think this is why I need these positive emotions and proofs of true love that one can only witness in a wedding. 

Since that day, I put all my energy and my efforts into wedding photography. Chasing these precious emotions, that have the power to make you cry again years later, is my biggest motive. 

Do you want a picture of me awkwardly smiling now ? Ok there you go : 

Photo credit :  Elsa Lassus

Photo credit : Elsa Lassus


ANNNNDDD now it's time for some random facts! 

I'm addicted to coffee. And a little bit by beer too. In a healthy way of course ! *wink* 

I like to take long walks on the along beaches, lakes or mountains. I need to escape the city regularly to breathe. But at the same time I'm a really social person that need to see and party with people to enjoy their energy and share laughs. 

When it comes to music, there's two major sides of me : 

Most of the time I'm listening to electronic music. Want a sample of what I like ? No ? Here's one anyway. 

And then there's my "travels on the road" music. I listened to some of these songs while driving on  Icelandic roads, and goosebumps were involved.

Naturally, after talking about music, we have to talk about movies, as I'm a big fan as well ! Here is some of my favorite movies : 

As I've already said somewhere on this website, I'm a big travel junkie. And Pssst, don't tell others, but I may have a bucket list of countries where I could offer a discount to shoot your wedding ;)

In photography, most of my influences are American or Italian photographers.