Dordogne wedding photographer - Valérie & Antoine


Valérie & Antoine's story is special. This is not them that contacted me last year to be their photographer. This was Anaëlle, their elder daughter. Indeed, Valérie & Antoine have been married 17 years ago. But at that time, they did not had the chance to celebrate this with all their friends and family. So, during 17 years, thay had this regret, especially at their wedding anniversary. But during they 16th anniversary, something incredible happened : their children announced to them : "no more regrets ! For your 17th anniversary, we will organize a new wedding for you !". And they did organize everything. It was all a surprise for their parents, they only knew the date and the place, that is in the garden of their family home. It really was an amazing day, and an incredible proof of love and gratitude for their parents.