Pyrénées mountains wedding photographer - Fanny & Corentin


Being in the mountains is a vital need. Regularly, it's the place that I need to recharge my batteries, disconnect, and clear my head. We were in a coffee shop in Bordeaux, with Fanny and Corentin, during our first meeting, discussing, getting to know each other, smiling, when the subject of how we love the mountains came naturally. I quickly noticed that we shared this common point : we all were Pyrénées mountains lovers, the discussion was even more sparkling when speaking of it, and the idea to make an engagement session in the Pyrénées came immediatly to our minds. The session was fantastic, we hiked, had a lot of laughs, and a great picnic at the end with this awesome view. I keep an amazing souvenir of this day, thanks Fanny and Corentin for this, can't wait for your wedding day to arrive!

Jérémy Boyer