Spain wedding photographer - Anh & Kim


The history of this Elopement wedding inspiration project begins with my dear friend Karole. She's a talented florist at Josefa, and also the organizer of the wedding saloon of La Rochelle, l'Atelier des mariés, in France. Like every year, she needed a wedding inspiration shoot to illustrate her saloon, and communicate about it. This year, saloon's theme is "On the road". So naturally we thought about going into Bardenas Reales desert, in Spain ! Karole found an amazing and talented couple for the occasion :  Anh Wisle and her husband Kim. Of course Karole did her magic with the florals, and I asked to one of my brides, the one who created the most beautiful wedding dress I have seen in my career, if she would want to create a dress espacially for us and this project... She said yes ! So our dear Puyan Saheb Djavaher created a perfect dress to go in the desert. To complete our team, we brought the talented Solenne and her jokes with us.

Anh & Kim got married one year ago, and this elopement inspiration was the perfect occasion for them to renew their vows. The day and especially the ceremony were very emotional. 

You can now discover this little story about love, desert, and beauty. 

Jérémy Boyer